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Benefits & Features

This portal has been designed with extensive functionality. Please see details below.


Digitise Communications

Improve patient to provider and provider to provider communications via one central cloud-based platform. This can be web-based, stand alone or fully integrated via secure FHIR/ HL7 API.

Offer Community Care

Offer your patients a seamless healthcare experience from online booking and SMS appointment reminders to billing. Provide secure video consultations with no downloads.

Scheduling & Reminders

Self-scheduling for in-person or online care not only empowers your patients but also improves their perception of higher quality care. Real-time scheduling ensures that all sessions are availed of and waiting lists are reduced.

Clinician To Clinician

Expedite the sharing of data between clinicians. This allows for secure message and file sharing within a given clinic or from primary to secondary care, supporting clinicians in expedient and GDPR compliant data sharing of protected health information.


  • Secure Patient Portal

  • Online Scheduling

  • Virtual Consultations

  • Secure Messaging

  • Note Keeping

  • Integrated Online Payment & e-Invoicing Facility

  • Form Completion 

  • Resource Sharing

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